Project Management for PhD's

voorkantEngelsboekjewebsite    Only a small percentage of PhD students manage to complete their PhD thesis on time. How can you plan the PhD programme in such a way that you do finish within the set time period?

Project Management for PhDs shows you that you can plan a PhD programme, no matter how complex and unique it is, as a project. The writing process receives special attention as it has been proven to be one of the most important factors in delayed PhD progress. This book offers a practical step-by-step plan. Using the associated planning system, to be found at, you can then create a custom-made schedule for your PhD programme.

Project Management for PhDshas been written for PhD students and supervisors from all fields and any type of PhD programme. It not only has those students in mind who are seeking to gain their PhD in the classic four-year programme, but students who are working part time, in their own time, or combining the PhD with other work.