Social safety / sociale veiligheid

When going abroad as a novice researcher you meet several challenges. You have to deal with the local situation and culture. On top of that you become part of a group of people who are not necessarily your friends. It is important for your wellbeing to feel safe amidst this group of colleagues. This is even more important when going on a research fieldtrip when you might encounter extreme physical circumstances. The question always is: how to you balance your own needs and the expectations of others?

Topics include:

  • What social safety means
  • How to know and respect your boundaries 
  • How to take care of yourself and others in your group
  • Recognise (potential) unsafe situations
  • Saying ‘no’ in a clear and yet respectful manner
  • How to become an ‘active bystander’ in challenging situations 

The training will include theory as well as experiential exercises and will target specific situations of the participants.

For Whom?
This workshop targets PhD candidates and Postdocs.

Length: two half days with an interval of at least two weeks
8  participants