Video abstract for the British Medical Journal

Epidemiologist Hester Lingsma (Erasmus MC) and resident anesthesiology Maurice Pouw (UMC Utrecht) published a paper in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) about a new way to compare the quality of hospital care. They conclude that post-discharge mortality should be included in the overall mortality rates of hospitals to make a better comparison. Hakuna Matata, science & media produced a video abstract about this publication.

Editors of BMJ were inspired by the video-abstracts of the New Journal of Physics and started a trial. BMJ's editors wrote: 'The aim is to enable authors to go beyond the constraints of written article to personally stress the importance of their work to the journal's global audience. ... Video abstracts will enhance a user's understanding and appreciation of an article through the accessible presentation of the main results...

Hakuna Matata, science & media supports these ideas and is proud to be part of the BMJ trial.