Time to write and dealing with time stress

Managing the writing process is one of the most difficult aspects of research, especially for young scientists. There are no objective criteria for a day well spent or clear instructions on how to manage a 4-year dissertation, or a two-year research project. Because the writing activities are complex and new to them, they frequently postpone these more difficult and not-well-defined tasks.

Good writing also requires time to lean back and formulate new research topics or see connections between issues or fields.

Topics include:

  • Prioritising tasks (urgent and / or important)
  • Focus on your writing
  • Dealing with distraction and procrastination
  • Dealing with time stress
For Whom?
This workshop targets PhD candidates and Postdocs.

Length: Half day
8 – 12 participants

We advise you to combine this workshop with our book: Academic Writing Support, Building an Effective Writing Routine

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